UNICEF Charity Run

Timing System​

Official Timing System of UNICEF Charity Run 2023

MYLAPS BibTag will record results for all the participants of UNICEF Charity Run 2023.


MYLAPS BibTag is the latest and the most accurate timing system. It offers RFID timing with UHF technology, and can accurately time participants’ results without interruption, regardless of where the participants are.


MYLAPS BibTag (timing chip) works with a lightweight disposable UHF timing tag which is integrated into the race bib. All participants just have to wear the race bib on their chests as usual. It saves the time to handle chips before the race, and at the same time, eliminates any possibility of participants’ switching race bib or wearing the timing chip in a wrong way.

All participants of UNICEF Charity Run 2023 will be given a bib with timing chip integrated on the back for timing. After the race, participants can take the race bib and timing chip home as souvenirs.

How to put on timing chip correctly

1. Attach the four pins provided in the Runner’s Pack to the four corners of the race bib respectively. The race bib must be attached on the front of your tee and the runner’s number must be visible at all times.

2. Do not fold the race bib or the timing chip.

3. Participants must step on /pass through the timing mats / sensors located at the starting and finishing points, and other timing locations.

4. In case of improper use of the bib, on-purpose damages made on the timing chip or participants’ failure to step on / pass through the timing mats / sensors, timing results might not be provided.


The timing chip system has been tested under different weather conditions. Rain, mist and sweat do not affect the quality of the signal detection.
No. Each timing chip has a unique number combination which has been matched with the participant’s race number installed with your personal information prior to the race, you cannot switch your timing chip nor the race bib with another participant. Both participant could be disqualified in this case.
You do not need to return the timing chip and the race bib but you will not be able to use them for other races.
Official Time / Gun Time: The time from the ’initial pistol shot to the time when the participant crosses the finishing line.  Net Time / Chip Time: The time from when the participant crosses the mats at the starting line, to the time when he/she crosses the finishing mats. The time is for personal reference only.
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