UNICEF Charity Run

Group Application


Step 1 : Group Enrolment Procedure

UNICEF HK provides an online platform for group participants. This allows a faster enrolment experience and a guaranteed spot for your staff/ members. A confirmation email with enrolment details will be sent to you within 3 working days upon receiving your completed form. Procedures for setting up Group Online Enrolment Page: 1. Please complete the Group Enrolment Form. Upon completion, you will receive a unique company code and enrolment link via email. Staff/members can proceed to enroll through the enrolment link with company code. 2. Contact persons of registered companies/organizations are advised to set up the Group Fundraising Page (GFP) in order to monitor and review enrolment details, including the number of enrolled participants for each race and their basic information. 3. This special arrangement is ONLY available for company/organization’s group enrolment of 20 pax or above. Quota can be reserved for company/organization through UNICEF HK, subject to availability. 4. Quota will be reserved until the specific enrolment deadline set by UNICEF HK. All unused reserved quota will be released after the deadline. 5. Please specify the payment method for the Enrolment Page: (a) full payment by company/organization; (b) full payment by staff/members; (c) payment split between both company/organization and staff/members. 6. Participants who enroll via a company/organization’s designated company code will be grouped under respective company/organization. 7. Contact persons of registered company/organization should keep their enrolment link and company code secure to prevent unauthorized and unwanted grouping under their company/organization. UNICEF HK will not be responsible for any loss of quota or enrolment fees caused by the misuse or leakage of the enrolment link and company code. 8. Since the administration page of GFP contains personal information of participants, contact persons should store and use login ID and password carefully and securely to avoid any data leakage of participants’ information. UNICEF HK will not be responsible for any loss of data caused by the misuse of the Administrative Page or leakage of the login ID or password.

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